AMIEX® immersive art exhibitions

Culturespaces developed the AMIEX® (Art & Music Immersive Experience) system in 2012 and held its first immersive exhibition in the Carrières de Lumières at Les Baux-de-Provence, with the help of the film directors Gianfranco Iannuzzi, Renato Gatto, and Massimiliano Siccardi. The venue has now become one of the most significant fixed multimedia installations in the world.

Perfectly adapted to the venues in which they are held, the monumental exhibitions are based on the virtualization and very high-resolution projection of works of art on immense surfaces, thanks to unique digital equipment.

When the first musical note is heard, technology gives way to aesthetic emotion, in a poetic scenario. Completely immersed in the images and music, the visitor is taken on a sensorial journey that sheds new light on the major artists in the history of art.

Bruno Monnier believes that ‘People do not learn about culture as they did in the past. The practices are evolving and the cultural offering must be in step with them. The passive observation of works of art is no longer relevant, and I’m convinced that people are increasingly learning about art through this immersive experience and the emotions they generate. The marriage of art and digital technology is, in my opinion, the future of the dissemination of art among future generations, as it is able to reach a younger and wider audience than that of the traditional museums.

In the year that the Carrières de Lumières opened, 239,000 visitors visited the venue. Four years later, in 2016, more than 560,000 visitors enjoyed the new immersive art experience.