Free tour with immersive exhibition

The digital exhibition "Dali, the endless enigma" encompass more than sixty years in the career of the Catalan master, who developed and invented various artistic styles. 
Discover also the short programme "Gaudi, the Architect of the Imaginary".   
Duration: 45 min | For all | from 20 pupils

€8,5 per pupil

Practical information

What's included?

◗ Open 7 day a week,
◗ Admission of 1supervisor for 8 paying children

A few tips

Visits to the Atelier des Lumières are not really suitable for very young children (of nursery school age).

Your visit

◗ Calendar of visits: until 2 January 2022.
◗ Pupils must be supervised at all times during the visit. 


◗ Booking only by email at the address
◗ Payment methods: cheque, cash and credit card.
◗ Cancellation: please let us know at least 10 days in advance of your visit.