Cezanne, the Lights of Provence

Via a thematic and intimate itinerary that promotes reflection, discover Cezanne’s inner torment, the power of his compositions, his approach to light and colour, and his link with nature, which was his greatest source of inspiration-his obsession.

Dive into nature, under the vast canopy of the trees, forests, parks, and gardens where the bathers can be seen, ending with the Cezannian representation of nature par excellence: Bibémus and l’Estaque, culminating in the Mont Sainte-Victoire.

His paintings are also deeply and completely sincere, conveying the artist’s uncertainty and passion. View representations that reflect the artist’s personal life: the self-portraits that capture his inner torment, the sobriety that resulted from the slow pace of daily life in Aix-en-Provence, and the intimacy of his studio.

Production and Realisation 


Artistic Director: Gianfranco Iannuzzi
A pioneering creator of immersive artistic installations for thirty years, Gianfranco Iannuzziworks with Culturespaces on developing digital exhibitions around the world, andcontributes to the dissemination of culture and works by major artists via this new formof expression and exhibition. 
Production and video animation: CUTBACK