After the exhibition on Cezanne, discover a 10-minute creation based on works of the artist Vassily Kandinsky (1866-1944).

The immersive exhibition is composed of two distinct parts: his figurative work and the advent of abstraction. The first part evokes the artist’s early figurative work, influenced by Impressionism, oniric Fauvism, and, to some extent, pointillism. Plunge into Kandinsky’s memories, Russian folklore, and the country’s legendary capital.

The second part is more experimental, highlighting the force of movement and the rhythm offorms and colour. Immersed in a chromatic explosion, discover the most significantworks of this modernist impetus—Composition VIII (1923) and Yellow-Red-Blue (1925)—up tothe biomorphic works of his last years. Becoming closer to music, painting gradually shiftedaway from representational constraints and no longer used the real world as a reference butthe inner self instead.

A veritable invitation to explore Kandinsky’s inner cosmos, the immersive exhibition disorientates you and eventually attains an abstract and liberated osmosis.

Production and creation

Artistic Direction Virginie Martin
Production and video animation: Cutback