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In the Studio

From 22 February 2019 to 5 January 2020

by Thomas Vanz

A new piece created specifically for Le Studio in the Atelier des Lumières, Verse is a hypnotic and metaphysical journey.
Astrophysics discoveries have always fascinated people and raise questions that may never be answered. Verse explores the role of man in this universe and highlights the beauty of the infinite space around us.

Thomas Vanz’s spectacular images demonstrate the poetic and visual beauty of the cosmos and the stars. Plunged into the impenetrable and mysterious universe, visitors are able to observe the harmonious movements of the stars to the sound of an orchestral piece composed in conjunction with Jonathan Fitas, composer and sound designer.

This oneiric and cosmic experience evokes the infinite, which is invisible to the human eye, through all the scales and states of matter. Thomas Vanz deforms space and time and reconstitutes supernovae, with colossal explosions of reliefs and colours.

Thomas Vanz

Thomas Vanz is a film-maker and composer who has specialised since 2015 in representing cosmic events and metaphysical questions, based for the most part on real images filmed in the studio. In his works, which are based on various chemical reactions, Vanz aims to represent the infinitely large, from the surface of a star to the interior of black holes, and the enormous explosion of a supernova.

With the participation of Jonathan Fitas

Jonathan Fitas is a composer and sound designer. Violinist for more than 15 years, he focuses on the different writings of music and sound to the image. This second collaboration with Thomas Vanz led them to explore more ambitious topics such as the spatialization of listening and the writing of a string quartet.

Contemporary creation

From 22 February 2019 to 5 January 2020


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