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Foreign Nature

Contemporary creation

From 16 February 2024 to 5 January 2025

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Production: Culturespaces Studio ® | Direction & Design: Julius Horsthuis | Music: Ben Lukas Boysen

In ‘Foreign Nature’, Julius Horsthuis employs computer generated fractals to create a universe where mathematics and art coalesce seamlessly, where the secular and the spiritual harmonize, where the differences between the organic and the artificial, the macro and the micro all blend into a strange and unseen universe.

Organized in two parts, visitors travel first through mysterious industrial and mechanical landscapes - made of endless spaceships moving into space or multilayered church-looking structures – and then into enigmatic organic alien-like landscapes and forms. From a mutating vegetal cathedral to a breathing hybrid organic-machine heart, it is easy to see in these worlds familiar forms that are part of our existence or have shaped our fantasies and dreams. The music of Ben Lukas Boysen made specifically for the show accompanies visitors in this journey, meshing these extraordinary views with a thrilling and spiritual touch.

“My kind of art can be compared with the art of a photographer, a cinematographer or a documentary maker, it is showing something that exists, like the fractal exists. I didn’t create it, I didn’t come up with it, I found it. And I’m trying to show that journey of discovery and that is where the creative part comes in.” – Julius Horsthuis

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