Poetic_Ai by Ouchhh

Designed to be a veritable oneiric experience, the ‘POETIC – AI’ digital installation uses Artificial Intelligence in the visual creation process: the forms, light, and movement are generated by an algorithm that creates a unique and contemplative digital work. The result is a poetic, emotional, and immersive experience, which is continuously viewable in LE STUDIO until 31 August 2018.

OUCHHH, a digital creation studio based in Istanbul, Los Angeles, and London
Their interdisciplinary expertise in graphic design, motion design, and monumental digital projections has been recognised with many prizes in the Digital Arts world (ARS ELECTRNICA, Linz, Austria) and lately by the prestigious RED DOT Award (Germany), an award for their work in digital design. Their last digital retrospective was held at Washington’s ARTECHOUSE in January 2017.
Their approach to Artificial Intelligence provokes reflection about contemporary artistic works. We are inviting visitors to participate in this process.

Creation team

Digital creation studio